World’s Thickest Conventional Vertical‑Curved Slab Caster at Xinyu

CISDI designed and built the world's thickest vertical-curved slab caster at Xinyu, 420 mm thick.

Ultra-Heavy Slab Caster at Xinyu

The successful casting of slabs of 420mm × 1,870mm from the ultra-heavy slab caster is the thickest slab ever produced by a conventional vertical-curved caster in the world. Two heats of medium-carbon structural steel were cast in sequence at speeds of 0.5-0.6m/min. The slabs had good shape and surface quality. This caster was designed to produce slab with thickness of 300mm ~ 420mm and max. width of 2400mm.

This success makes CISDI stand out in the global ultra-heavy slab caster sector.

As the world’s first vertical-curved slab caster of this size, the project was technically challenging, but the CISDI team tackled all challenges to implement it successfully. Utilising CISDI proprietary technologies such as hydraulic oscillation, dynamic soft reduction, automatic control of dynamic secondary cooling and spray width adjustment.

This caster, supplied on an EP basis for Xinyu Steel, has now successfully produced slabs with thicknesses of 300mm, 320mm, 360mm and 420mm, which have been rolled into 22~150mm thick carbon structural plate, low alloy structural plate, low alloy pressure vessel plate, high-strength shipbuilding plate (highest grade: E), high-rise building plates (lamellar tearing resistant plate), and bridge plates. Some of these heave plates have been exported to overseas market.