Tube Mill Technology

Integration of Three-Roll Mandrel Mill System

Through technological innovation, CISDI independently developed and realized technical integration of process, equipment, hydraulic and control system for the most advanced three-roll mandrel mill in the world.

Off-line Analysis Software for Three-roll Mandrel Mill

With contacting and analyzing definite element technique, CISDI has developed the accurate offline analysis software package for various tube mills. Due to its independent R & D and engineering practice, CISDI can also supply automation system integration for mandrel pipe mill. Main control models for mandrel pipe mill automation control system include: geometrical model, mandrel model, kinetic model, tube extracting model, mechanical adjustment calculation and roll gap setup model.

Micro-Tension Reducing Mill

Three-roll micro-tension reducing mill developed by CISDI features leading equipment performance and electrical control in China. The reference list covers Ø114, Ø159 and Ø273 line.

Accurate Pipe Layer Positioning Device

The accurate pipe layer positioning device developed by CISDI has bridged the gap in China. Now it has been used in Ø273mm PQF mill line of Anhui tianda Steel,which works well.

Automation Control for Tube Mill

By owning process control models of rotary tube mill and mandrel tube mill, with the capability of independently developing automation control system, CISDI can provide all-around services such as EIC system integration, basic automation design, process automation design and software development, etc. for customers worldwide.