Steel Making Technology

EAF Metallurgical Process Control Model

Analyzing the material and energy input and output for on-line control.
Applied in UPV plant of CSN (Brazil)

Static Converter Model

Including theoretical and empirical models, which can calculate the important process data for converter operation control based on experience and artificial intelligence algorithms.

The static converter model consists of eight function models, main material, slag forming, cooling, oxygen flow, bottom stirring, top-blowing oxygen and lance position, tapping amount predication and ladle alloying.

Converter Gas OG Dedusting

CISDI possesses the patent technology of key equipment like conical ring seam regulating valve. Compared with traditional OG method, the new OG dedusting method uses 20% less water, and 10% less electricity.

Converter Gas Dry Dedusting

Uses 50% less water, 40% less electricity and offers the advantages of more effective purification, smaller area and lower cost.