Hot Metal Pretreatment

Hot metal pretreatment technology is one of the key links for the efficient and low cost production of clean steel.

CISDI can provide hot metal pretreatment with de-Si, de-P, de-S technology according to the process and client’s requirements, giving the optimum effect with the lowest investment and operating cost.

CISDI’s technology gives an automatic one-key operation of hot metal pretreatment combined with metallurgical models.

KR Desulfurizing

CISDI has the most advanced KR technology. The impeller hoisting car fixing system is self-adaptive, with fixed and sprung rolls, reducing vibration of the hoisting car and main frame.

The duplex phase simulation model for KR stirring performs dynamic analysis during the KR process, reducing desulfurizing agent consumption, enhancing efficiency and allowing a final [S] content of ≤0.001% to be achieved.