Continuous Casting Technology

Hydraulic Mould Oscillation Technology for Slab Casters

  • Flexible oscillation modes
  • On-line adjustment of oscillation frequency and stroke
  • Hydraulic servo control, contributing to high oscillation accuracy, better strand surface quality and lower breakout rate
  • Improving slab surface
  • Wearless Guidance system, giving High accuracy without lubrication

Soft Reduction Technology for Slab Caster

  • On-line real-time tracking of slab temperature
  • On-line real-time predication of solidification end point
  • Dynamic control of strand roll gaps
  • Improved strand internal quality

Continuous Bending and Unbending in Slab Caster

CISDI has developed the design system CISDI_RGDS R1.0 for continuous bending and unbending in slab casters, with a comprehensive roll diagram database.

Simulation of Secondary Cooling

CISDI has successfully developed the simulation software CISDI-SCSD R1.0 for slab caster secondary cooling system

Dynamic Secondary Cooling Control Model

  • Strand surface temperature distribution along the strand
  • Strand shell thickness calculation
  • Cooling Zone Spray Water requirements

Allowing control of the strand surface temperature for various casting conditions, ensuring high product surface and internal quality.