Cold Rolling Technology

Continuous Pickling Line Coupled with Cold Tandem Mill

CISDI can supply basic engineering, detail engineering, software programming and commissioning for the continuous pickling line coupled with cold tandem mill, taking responsibility for the final acceptance. Turbulent pickling and five-stand six-high tandem mill has been applied to the 1,450mm cold sheet/coil line of Tangshan Fengnan Steel which is supplied by CISDI on EPC basis with overall technical responsibility that has replaced the dominant place of foreign companies in key technologies of China large CSM process, equipment, hydraulic and EIC systems, etc. and initiated the new construction mode of localization for modern large cold strip mill.

Six-High Single-Stand Reversible Cold Rolling Line

The single-stand reversible cold rolling line supplied by CISDI on EP basis is the one with highest rolling speed (1,200m/min.) among all the fully-localized single-stand reversible cold mills in China.

Continuous Annealing Line

CISDI is skilled at processing line design, and its expertise in continuous annealing, continuous aluminizing/galvanizing, continuous galvanizing/annealing is leading in China.

Continuous Hot Galvanizing Line

With abundant processing line design experience, CISDI has achieved a leading level in terms of continuous annealing, continuous aluminizing/galvanizing, continuous galvanizing/annealing.

Skin Pass Machine

This skin pass machine developed by CISDI has been applied in many continuous galvanizing EPC projects, taking the lead in the world.