Tax Strategy

CISDI UK Limited is committed to meeting all its UK tax obligations. The company looks to submit to the tax authorities all returns due, and to pay all tax legally due.

Day-to-day oversight of the company’s tax processes and controls and management of its tax risks is undertaken by the finance team, who seek any necessary support from tax advisors, and who communicate with HMRC over matters of uncertainty. This allows the finance team to have confidence that it operates an effective tax control framework, and that the company’s tax filings are both complete and accurate.

Tax is just one of the factors that is considered by CISDI UK Limited when commercial transactions are evaluated, and any tax planning undertaken is consistent with the business objectives of the company and wider CISDI group, with due consideration given to the potential impact on reputation.

CISDI UK Limited seeks to identify and minimise tax risk and remain compliant with tax laws, and generally considers and evaluates tax risk in the same way as it does any business risk. The company has a low level of tolerance of risk and seeks to mitigate them wherever possible.

We consult with tax advisors on matters where there is tax complexity, and look to come to a timely resolution of any enquiries raised by HMRC.


This statement is published to comply with the duty set out in Paragraph 16(2) of Schedule 19 Finance Act 2016.

20 December 2017