Successful Hot Commissioning of Hot Metal Dephosphorization Unit (Revamp) at TISCO by CISDI

The Hot Metal Dephosphorization Unit (Revamp) supplied by CISDI under an EP contract saw successful hot commissioning at #2 Steelmaking Plant (North Area) of Taiyuan Iron & Steel Corporation (TISCO).

CISDI had been contracted to revamp the existing 180t hot metal desulphurization unit (Mg powder injection process) at #2 Steelmaking Plant (North Area) of TISCO into a hot metal dephosphorization unit where slag formation with high basicity and oxidizability could be realized by injecting lime powder, fluorspar powder into the hot metal in the ladle, charging red mud briquettes via material bins and belt conveyors, and then Si and P contents in the hot metal could be removed by oxygen blowing.

In the project CISDI optimized the process layout to suit the complex local conditions allowing hot metal dephosphorization to be made possible by only revamping the existing powder agent injection system, installing such process facilities as double injection lance lifting & shifting devices, single oxygen lance lifting devices, splash guard lifting devices.

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