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Steel Making

/ Technology / Projects

Products and services span the entire lifecycle of the steel-making process from the front-end phase of a project to production, implementation and operations management.

CISDI has mastered core and advanced technologies with unparalleled proficiency, specializing in hot metal desulfurization, large-scale converters and secondary refining.

The skilled consultancy and design teams of CISDI are able to meet your specific project requirements, whether it be in a single product/service capacity or an EPC model with a complete steelmaking solution.

The company is proud of 60 years of achievement and continuous investment in advanced technological and development. We are confident that CISDI will be at the forefront of the global metallurgical industry for many years.


Hot Metal Pretreatment BOF EAF Secondary Refining
57 125 60 164

E, EP & EPC as of 2016


CISDI-SACS Converter

Designed with a loose and statically-determinate rigid mechanism connection philosophy, the CISDI-SACS converter has many advantages, such as simple construction, maintenance free, long service life, safe operation and easy installation.

It features the SACS suspension system (Self Adapting Constraint System), consisting of a four link spherical statically-determinate support system with optimal layout of the Block mechanism and includes the tilting device supported by composite suspended torsion bar.

Converter Revamping

CISDI can provide replacement converter shells and trunnion rings with upgraded suspension and drive systems, as well as oxygen lance systems, including swift exchange technology and anti-dropping device for the revamping of existing converters.

Oxygen Lance

CISDI's converter oxygen lance is designed to use the convenient for maintenance rail-in-wheel hoisting carriage, a self-reset anti-dropping device and pneumatic or EPS emergency hoisting to ensure safe and reliable blowing.
Oxygen lance swift exchanging technology reduces lance exchange time.

Oxygen Lance Revamping

CISDI is experienced in the modification of outdated oxygen lance systems. The complete modification can be realised by only modifying the hoisting carriage, rail and lance, saving erection time and bringing safety, reliability and maintenance benefits to older converters.

Converter Sub-Lance and Dynamic Control Model

The sublance mechanical equipment is innovatively developed with probe manipulator, probe selector, self-balanced mono-rail and anti-dropping device.

The dynamic converter sub-lance control model has realized accurate control of the converter operation process, based on expert system, genetic algorithm and non-linear statistic theory.

EAF Steelmaking

Energy saving and eco-friendly EAF developed by CISDI in response to the national CO2 reduction policy in China

R&D of large capacity EAF process and equipment has been proven through projects such as the VKS project in Vietnam for Japan SPCO. The key equipment of the 90t EAF of was provided by CISDI and started up in 2015, with a electricity consumption of 385 kWh/t steel (100% scrap)

Hot Metal Pretreatment

Hot metal pretreatment technology is one of the key links for the efficient and low cost production of clean steel.

CISDI can provide hot metal pretreatment with de-Si, de-P, de-S technology according to the process and client's requirements, giving the optimum effect with the lowest investment and operating cost.
CISDI's technology gives an automatic one-key operation of hot metal pretreatment combined with metallurgical models.

KR Desulfurizing

CISDI has the most advanced KR technology. The impeller hoisting car fixing system is self-adaptive, with fixed and sprung rolls, reducing vibration of the hoisting car and main frame.

The duplex phase simulation model for KR stirring performs dynamic analysis during the KR process, reducing desulfurizing agent consumption, enhancing efficiency and allowing a final [S] content of ≤0.001% to be achieved.

Secondary Refining

Through extensive research in secondary refining, CISDI has acquired in-depth knowledge of the process and equipment technology for LF, RH, VD/VOD, CAS-OB, LFV etc. and has over 160 E, EP or EPC references.

Including the EP supply 350t LF of Baosteel (Zhanjiang), the EPC supply of a 300t LF for Baosteel and the EP supply of a 300t LF (twin working position) for Rizhao Steel.

  1. Rotary electrode mechanism for twin LF with high positioning accuracy
  2. Water-cooled inert atmosphere LF roof
  3. Electrical power input and intelligent electrode regulation system, reducing electrode and electricity consumption
  4. Electrode rotary device with rotary axis and twin supporting wheels
  5. Intelligent integrated bottom blowing control

Compact Interface between Ironmaking and Steelmaking

This technology eliminates the traditional hot metal transportation railway. Hot metal is transported by transfer car or ladle carrier, shortening the distance from the BF casting house to the steelmaking plant.
It means from BF tapping to converter charging only one ladle is used for the whole process

  • Compact general layout
  • 40-50°C lower hot metal temperature loss.
  • Avoids the dust from reladling.
  • Lower the operating costs

Steel Making Technology

EAF Metallurgical Process Control Model

Analyzing the material and energy input and output for on-line control.
Applied in UPV plant of CSN (Brazil)

Static Converter Model

Including theoretical and empirical models, which can calculate the important process data for converter operation control based on experience and artificial intelligence algorithms.
The static converter model consists of eight function models, main material, slag forming, cooling, oxygen flow, bottom stirring, top-blowing oxygen and lance position, tapping amount predication and ladle alloying.

Converter Gas OG Dedusting

CISDI possesses the patent technology of key equipment like conical ring seam regulating valve. Compared with traditional OG method, the new OG dedusting method uses 20% less water, and 10% less electricity.

Converter Gas Dry Dedusting

Uses 50% less water, 40% less electricity and offers the advantages of more effective purification, smaller area and lower cost.