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Rolling Mills

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Over 50 years of experience in the rolling mill industry has enabled our team to develop innovations which bring hot and cold rolling processes into the 21st century, vastly improving efficiency and leaner production costs.
CISDI not only provides rolling equipment which will increase your productivity. Our team also provide system integration for three-roll mandrel mills and automatic control for tube mills.
For more information on our rolling mill services and machinery, get in touch with our engineering experts.


Industrial Furnace Technology

Walking Beam RHF

CISDI is one of the first companies that grasp the technology of walking beam RHF. More than 80 walking beam RHFs have been designed and put into use. CISDI industrial furnace has made important contributions for Chinese steel industry.

Annular RHF

Over the past decade, dozens of Annular RHFs have been built for reheating the pipes in the tube plant or reheating the rolling tubes in the wheel hub factory. CISDI industrial furnace has become the leader of Annular RHF to occupy the domestic market.

Heat Treatment Furnace for Pipe

The technical advantages of heat treatment furnace for pipe are significant and competitive, with the continuous galvanizing, quenching, annealing, tempering, hardening, solution treatment and stainless steel bright annealing furnace technology.

Roller Hearth Furnace for Heavy Plate Mill

The roller hearth furnace for heavy plate mill presents many significant and competitive advantages, which can be used for continuous galvanizing, quenching, annealing, tempering, hardening, solution treatment and stainless steel bright annealing.

Continuous Galvanizing and Annealing Furnace

The technical advantages of continuous galvanizing and annealing furnace are significant and competitive, with the continuous galvanizing, quenching, annealing, tempering, hardening, solution treatment and stainless steel bright annealing furnace technology.

Evaporative Cooling System and Waste Heat Recovery Technology

Patented technology for invention of evaporative cooling system with forced recirculation. Patented technology for practical new walking device. Proprietary low drum evaporative cooling system in natural circulation. Proprietary waste heat recovery technology with lower waste gas temperature. CISDI has developed its hydraulic computation software for circulation cooling water.

CAE Technology

Accurate finite element analysis is used to ensure design accuracy and efficiency. CAE technology is used to analyze the reliability and safety of products, to optimize the design and improve the product quality. Virtual and multi-condition simulations are used to minimize R&D costs, shorten the R&D cycle to bring new products to market.

Long Product Technology

Modified Breakdown Mills

The new type of breakdown mills (BDCD850, BDCD1,000, BDCD1,350) developed by CISDI have been successfully applied to quality wire & rod mill of Xingtai Steel, medium section mill revamping of NISCO, Jinxing heavy section mill of NISCO.

Serialization Mill with Housing

A wide range of high-rigidity housing mills are available, including HSCD700, HSCD610, HSCD560, HSCD480 and HSCD430, which can be used for continuous rod rolling line and high-speed wire rolling line (from rougher to pre-finishing mill).

Rod & Wire Reducing & Sizing Technology

CISDI proprietary reducing & sizing mill for rods and reducing & sizing mill for wires equipped with front and rear water cooling device can perform thermal rolling, contributing to better grain sizes and dimensional accuracy of medium- & small-sized rods and high-speed wires. CISDI has good knowledge of reducing & sizing technology for rods, wires and large coils, and is leading in China especially for alloy steel products.

Flying Shears

A full range of FSCD flying shears developed by CISDI for long products are applicable for rods as large as Φ130mm and triple-cutting ribbed bar as small as Φ8mm. The cutting speed varies from 0.5m/s to 24m/s. The flying shears can cut premium long products such as straight carbon steel, bearing steel, spring steel and mould steel. The flying shears have been successfully implemented in premium rod rolling line in Pangang Changchen Steel.

Split Rolling and Controlled Cooling

Double-splitting, triple-splitting and quadric-splitting equipment technology is available (min. splitting size: 8mm). CISDI can provide controlled cooling technology for rods to enhance the rebar strength, which has been successfully applied to the wire and rod mill of KINSTEEL (Malaysia).

Tube Mill Technology

Integration of Three-Roll Mandrel Mill System

Through technological innovation, CISDI independently developed and realized technical integration of process, equipment, hydraulic and control system for the most advanced three-roll mandrel mill in the world.

Off-line Analysis Software for Three-roll Mandrel Mill

With contacting and analyzing definite element technique, CISDI has developed the accurate offline analysis software package for various tube mills. Due to its independent R & D and engineering practice, CISDI can also supply automation system integration for mandrel pipe mill. Main control models for mandrel pipe mill automation control system include: geometrical model, mandrel model, kinetic model, tube extracting model, mechanical adjustment calculation and roll gap setup model.

Micro-Tension Reducing Mill

Three-roll micro-tension reducing mill developed by CISDI features leading equipment performance and electrical control in China. The reference list covers Ø114, Ø159 and Ø273 line.

Accurate Pipe Layer Positioning Device

The accurate pipe layer positioning device developed by CISDI has bridged the gap in China. Now it has been used in Ø273mm PQF mill line of Anhui tianda Steel,which works well.

Automation Control for Tube Mill

By owning process control models of rotary tube mill and mandrel tube mill, with the capability of independently developing automation control system, CISDI can provide all-around services such as EIC system integration, basic automation design, process automation design and software development, etc. for customers worldwide.

Cold Rolling Technology

Continuous Pickling Line Coupled with Cold Tandem Mill

CISDI can supply basic engineering, detail engineering, software programming and commissioning for the continuous pickling line coupled with cold tandem mill, taking responsibility for the final acceptance. Turbulent pickling and five-stand six-high tandem mill has been applied to the 1,450mm cold sheet/coil line of Tangshan Fengnan Steel which is supplied by CISDI on EPC basis with overall technical responsibility that has replaced the dominant place of foreign companies in key technologies of China large CSM process, equipment, hydraulic and EIC systems, etc. and initiated the new construction mode of localization for modern large cold strip mill.

Six-High Single-Stand Reversible Cold Rolling Line

The single-stand reversible cold rolling line supplied by CISDI on EP basis is the one with highest rolling speed (1,200m/min.) among all the fully-localized single-stand reversible cold mills in China.

Continuous Annealing Line

CISDI is skilled at processing line design, and its expertise in continuous annealing, continuous aluminizing/galvanizing, continuous galvanizing/annealing is leading in China.

Continuous Hot Galvanizing Line

With abundant processing line design experience, CISDI has achieved a leading level in terms of continuous annealing, continuous aluminizing/galvanizing, continuous galvanizing/annealing.

Skin Pass Machine

This skin pass machine developed by CISDI has been applied in many continuous galvanizing EPC projects, taking the lead in the world.

Hot Rolling Technology

Hot Strip Mill Technology System Integration

With so many projects references in HSM field, CISDI has accumulated abundant experience and technical advantages in EPC, EP, independent system integration and overall technical responsibility etc. with mastering a large number of proprietary technologies, ensuring that the product quality is up to the internationally advanced level.

Flying Crank Shear

The largest flying crank shear in China which was designed by CISDI is able to cut high-strength pipeline steel API5Lx100 of 60mm(thickness)x 2,150mm(width), facilitating the hot tandem rolling of high strength steel.

Hydraulic Servo System for Hot Strip Mills

CISDI has developed its fully proprietary hydraulic servo control system for large hot tandem mills through 1,750mm hot strip mills of Xinjiang Bayi Steel and Tiantie; the successful implementation of this technology in high-level large HSMs has filled the gap in this field in China.

Efficiency Laminar Cooling Device

The patented efficiency laminar cooling device of CISDI is composed of intensified cooling zone, micro zone and trimming zone. With max. cooling intensity of 170m³/(m²xh), it can provide cooling in various patterns to adapt to micro-alloy high-strength steel, high-strength steel with ultra-fine grain, DP, TRIP and MS rolling.

Skin Pass and Coil Dividing Line

CISDI has successfully developed the leading skin pass mill technology and a collection of skin pass line including 1,450mm, 1,500mm,1,580mm, 1,750mm, 1,780mm,1,880mm, 2050mm and 2,250mm. The skin passed strip can have tensile strength up to 1,200MPa. CISDI has supplied over ten such skin pass lines so far.

Heavy-duty Downcoiler

The most powerful fully-hydraulic downcoiler in China which was designed by CISDI can provide coiling for high-strength pipeline steel API 5L X100 of 20mm (thickness) x 2,150mm (width).

Air Mist Cooling in Heat Treatment

CISDI developed the innovative air mist cooling plant for plate heat treatment.

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