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Material Storage & Handling

/ Technology / Projects

A pioneer of Eco-friendly & Intelligent Bulk Material Handling Systems, CISDI performs advanced mass flow simulations and studies of large stockyards, providing environmentally friendly covered stockyard technology, as well as integrated management and control of large stockyards, with several patented technologies.

CISDI has provided consultation, design and EPC services to more than 60 clients with over 90 stockyard projects, including the stockyards of Baosteel, Pzhsteel, Tisco, Zhanjiang Longteng, Itaguai (Brazil), and many more.


Project Size Receiving Capacity (Mt/a) Project Qty. Eco-friendly
Small <3 16 3
Medium 3-10 30 9
Large 10-30 38 18
Oversize >30 9 7
Total 93 37


Environmentally Friendly Material Storage Solutions

CISDI has long commitment to environmental protection and energy saving technology and takes the lead in the R&D of environmentally friendly storage technologies. This has lead to a range of eco-friendly storage technologies with significant benefits such as,

  1. Reduced dust pollution
  2. Reduced material loss
  3. Lower land occupation.
  4. Stabilized production.
  5. Lower energy consumption.
  6. Reduced CAPEX and OPEX.

With nearly 40 closed-type eco-friendly materials handling project references CISDI has a market share of over 70%.

CISDI-ECIA Storage Technology

Eco-friendly, Competitive, Integrated & Inteligent and Adaptable CISDI's 2nd generation of eco-friendly storage technology is a single integrated yard, combining storage, proportioning, blending, intelligent control, it has significant advantages in land usage, management and operating costs.

CISDI 1st generation of Eco-friendly storage technology

CISDI's was the first to research and develop eco-friendly storage technology, the B/C/D/E series covered stockyard systems have been widely applied in new or revamped projects since 2006.

Online Stockyard Revamping

CISDI has a rich experience in online revamping of traditional stockyards into covered or intelligent stockyards. With step-by-step planning and simulations the impact on production can be minimised.

See news item - CISDI Revamp the Material Stockyard at Handan Steel.

Material Yard Intelligent Control

CISDI has successfully developed the intelligent control and management system to build the “accurate, efficient, safe” digital and intelligent material yard.

  1. Intelligent real-time inventory management.
  2. Optimised stockpile management.
  3. Unmanned operation of stacking and reclaiming equipment.
  4. Logostics optimised by production simulations.
  5. Improved storage capacity.
  6. Reduced labour requirements.

Taking advantage of real-time production data mining & analytic decision making to reduce operating costs and enhance quality.

Material storage & Handling

Mass Flow Simulation and Mass Flow Study of Large Stockyards

By applying mass flow simulation method and combining stockyard scheduling strategy with computer simulation, it can realize simulation study on sophisticated stockyards in steel plants and achieve precise verification, evaluation, thereby optimizing stockyard design and production scheduling.

Development and Analysis of Key Equipment and Process

CISDI is proud of its strong capacity in developing and commercializing key equipment for raw material handling and treatment, especially in key equipment and process development and analysis, including dynamic analysis and control for large shuttle conveyor, environment-friendly tripper, updated large discharging car, belt conveyor head extending device and high-capacity conveyor.

Circular Economy and Environmentally Friendly Design

It has been successfully applied to recycled material treatment for Bayuquan stockyard, providing a reliable solution for steelmakers to develop circular economy. The wide application of water spraying, surface covering, wind-proof net (wall) and closed stockyard design accomplish remarkable results in the fields of dust protection, energy efficiency and environmental protection.
It has been successfully used in Zhanjiang stockyard of Baosteel, Bayuquan stockyard of Ansteel Group, coal yard of Meishan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. and stockyard of Hengyang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.